Bang Bang Blue Fanny Pack

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Hey there, software wizards! Get ready to code in style with the Bang Bang Blue Fanny Pack! This polyester pouch is not your average fanny pack - it's perfect for the software engineer on the go.

Made with water-resistant material, this fanny pack can handle any unexpected spills or rain showers. Plus, the dimensions are just right, measuring 6.5" in height, 13" in width, and 2¾" in diameter. It's compact enough to carry all your essentials without weighing you down.

With a top zipper featuring 2 sliders, accessing your belongings has never been easier. Inside, you'll find a small, customizable pocket to keep your gadgets organized and secure. Oh, and did we mention the silky lining and piped inside hems? It's like a fancy party for your belongings!

And for the cherry on top, the adjustable straps are a generous 1¼" wide and come with plastic strap regulators, available in 2 sizes to fit your needs. So whether you're coding on the go or rocking a casual look, the Bang Bang Blue Fanny Pack has got you covered.

Get ready to show off your coding skills and carry your essentials with ease!