About Us

Goofy, smash patriarchy yoga pose


To celebrate women in tech, and serve those who want to geek out and look good at the same time. Being a geek != looking like a dork. We aim to push the limits of style and geekdom to new heights.


Naughty Gits was started in 2017 by Calley Nye, a frontend developer and UX designer. "I wear my geek badge with honor," says Calley, "but I wanted the options available to women to be more flattering and stylish. Also, rife with female ferocity and empowerment." 


Founder Calley Nye currently works as a frontend developer, so these designs are field-tested, developer-approved. They are designed to fit the lifestyle of women in tech. Comfortable, with a bit of attitude, topical, and accurate. No movie hacker code here. 


We set out to solve a problem specific to women, but we believe in inclusivity. Men's sizes and cuts will be offered as well. Developers come in all different shapes, sizes, and gender identities, so if you ever feel like we're missing a size or style of shirt, please let us know.