Do you have some ideas for the next, best t-shirt slogan? 

Are you an artist that wants to make some beautiful, geeky leggings? Or do you know one that you think would be a match made in heaven for us?

Got more snark than you know what to do with?

We want to hear from you!

We're able to set you up to get a portion of the proceeds from your product's sales. These will be negotiated on a per-product basis. We are open to the following types of submissions:

  • Finished artwork/concepts ready to be sold in the Naughty Gits sales channels
  • Art production for Naughty Gits' ideas (don't have an idea, but want to design something)
  • Submit an already developed product for sale to Naughty Gits' customers as an affiliate

Contact us through the below form and let us know how we can work together. Thanks!